The Current Situation of COVID-19 in Pakistan 2022

The Coronavirus disease is spreading worldwide, the current situation of Covid-19 in Pakistan is an average of 1300 cases per day.  The virus can easily affect one person. The indications and signs of the virus can go from mild to severe. There are individuals who will cover the mild sickness without treatment. However, there are also individuals who can fall into serious health issues. The Covid-19 left people with the stance of zero immunity. It is infectious and transferable to the community.

The Covid-19 in Pakistan has affected many factors i.e. Human resources, health sector, Economy and stability, etc. Furthermore talking about the new figures: the daily cases rose up to 1200 in a month. Pakistan has faced 1.3 Million cases yet since  Feb 2020. There are 28000 deaths reported in Pakistan during this time period. Visit the Peking University China – Yenching Academy Scholarships 2022

Furthermore, the increasing ratio is 17% on rising as compared to the previous one. Covid-19 tests in Pakistan are 43,450 in numbers on daily basis. The Covid19 test results positivity ratio is 3.33%.  the recovery rate has also been good in the past few months. The only solution to avoid infectious disease, proper vaccination is compulsory.

Vaccination for Covid-19

The Pakistani Government has taken all the steps to provide vaccines to every person. It has managed to provide almost 162,115,885 vaccines doze. The ratio for a vaccination with this number of dozes can help 37% of the nation. Each individual must have 2 dozes for the Covid-19 vaccine.

Types of Vaccines

  • Pfizer vaccine
  • CoronaVac
  • Sinopharm
  • Sinovac
  • Moderna
  • AstraZeneca, oxford vaccine
  • CanSino vaccine
  • Sputnik

There are vaccines with one doze and a few require two doses for each individual. Worldwide vaccination schedules are different from country to country.

In the previous week, almost 0.9 Million vaccine dozes have been overseen. With this vaccination ratio, a further 10% population will also get benefit in the next 6 weeks

 Lockdown for Covid-19 situation

The widespread of this dangerous disease led the governments to take action for the closure of different places. The covid-19 infection started affecting people in large numbers due to crowded areas. Different countries supported the idea of lockdown and implemented it.

Pakistan also took measures for the smart lockdown. The closure of schools, colleges, universities, offices, public places, and markets was mandatory. The rise in the current situation can also lead the Government to make decisions regarding lockdown for Covid-19 prevention.

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Pakistan comparison

The complete stats for Corona’s situation does not exist.  There cannot be any comparison between many countries for the widespread of Covid-19.  The virus outbreak was at different times in different situations of the economy.

However, there are charts available by the Department of NCOC governed by the Government to handle the Covid-19 situation. These charts show the comparison of infections and deaths, daily cases, recovery cases, and total cases per population. The rate of increase or decrease can be easily compared with the home country to the world.

Omicron Virus

Omicron Virus is one of the variants of Covid-19.  It is less dangerous than the previous variant of Covid-19 itself. It has been two years since the world is facing this infectious pandemic. Omicron is recently discovered in November in  South Africa and now spreading worldwide.


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