Germany Study Visa Online – Application and Process 2022

Germany Study Visa Online – Application and Process 2022. The average of Visa is increasing for German study visas Online. International students can easily apply through the German consulate available in their home country to start studying in Germany.  There are students who do not require Visa to study in Germany, therefore all the process is discussed below to provide information. German student Visa is one of the great chances to work and study together.

Additionally, European students do not require any lengthy process to get a student visa. Non-Eu students must apply for the Germany study visa online. Different colleges in Germany provide scholarships for international students to pursue Bachelor’s and Masters. German student Visa also helps the applicants to do their Ph.D. from Germany.

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Visa requirement to study in Germany

The international students must get the Visa to study in Germany in these cases:

  • Students who want to study in Germany over or more than 3 months must get their German National Visa.
  • Schengen Visa is applied to study in Germany for 3 months.
  • Students with German national visas get a residence permit from the foreigner’s office for the extension of visas.
  • The extension is required every time for the student until the completion of the program.

Types of Germany Study Visa

The German embassy grants visa students based on their Country, education, and other factors. The type of Visa is decided through the program they want to apply for Study in Germany.  Non-academic and academic courses are also considered to grant Visa. There are three types of German students Visa available.

German Student Study Visa

The students who received admission to any German University must apply for this Visa. It is required to get a Visa before starting your academic activities full-time in Germany.

German University Admission Applicant Visa

An individual must have a German University Admission applicant Visa at the time of applying for the admission process. This type of Visa is mandatory at the time of application but only allows applicants to apply for admission. An applicant with this Visa only is not granted permission to study in Germany.

German Language Course Study Visa

A German language course study visa is required to apply for the German language course. Applicants who pursue German language programs to study in Germany must get this Visa.

Requirements of German Student Visa

The following requirements are important to fulfill to get Germany Student Visa:

List of Application documents required

  • Valid passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Three passport size photographs
  • Two copies of the passport
  • Certificate of marriage (if available)
  • Childbirth certificate (if available)
  • Schengen Visa
  • Resident permit if any
  • Two copies of the previous residence in Germany (if any)

University Admission Proof

  • “Zulassungsbescheid” is a letter received by the applicant on his admission. It contains all the details regarding admission.
  • Intensive course letters must also be provided in case of conditional admission and to participate for a language course in 6 months.
  • University assistant letter
  • Final admission conditions by University
  • Proof of payment for the admission
  • Proof of acceptance in the language course
  • Early education certificates
  • Health insurance
  • English or German language certificate

Financial resources evidence

  • Certificate of scholarship along with funding money.
  • Amount of €10,236 in Germany blocked account.
  • Commitment letter by a German who will bear your study cost.
  • Proof of parental income and their assets.
  • Guarantee by a German bank

Application Process for German study Visa

The application process to apply for the Student Germany Visa is given below step by step:

  • Find a consulate or German embassy to apply.
  • Review all the requirements of visa application. Set up a visa appointment at the consulate and arrange all the required documents.
  • Prepare yourself for the interview. Additionally, the applicant has to pay a Visa fee of around €60.00 to €75.00
  • Must have payment confirmation proof to apply further.
  • The procession time for the Visa is a minimum of 25 days and a maximum of 3 months as per the country and other factors.

To apply please visit the German embassy website.


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